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After introductions, I watched David as he went the extra step and explained every step of his trouble shooting process.

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Instead, if the home inspection notates that something needs to be repaired or replaced before the date of closing, most home warranties won’t repair or replace it.

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This Agreement only covers systems and appliances in single family dwelling, individual condominium units, town houses and modular homes, multi family homes' prices vary.

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Select, its employees, agents, shareholders or parent company shall in no way be responsible for any damages, whether in contract or tort, for any malfunctioning or inoperable appliance or system.

home warranty of america president

It is unbelievable—the vast majority. About 12% of the extended warranty or the home warranty or the electronics warranty is actually the risk that you’re taking. In other words, the cost of the average item breaking down within the warranty period usually runs about 12%. The rest of what you’re paying is profit, commissions, overhead and marketing costs. I would rather just take the chance. Put $.

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Doug holds a Master of Business Administration from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

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