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We have ordered another part," still no word on when that part is arriving or when the repairman will be back.

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Starts to insinuate that I am lying to her.

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The reason is very simple.

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However, providing a home warranty does not exempt the seller from her legal requirement to disclose any known problems with the home.

home warranty utah reviews

The real customer is the home warranty company. Also, the reason the turnaround time on parts is so long, is that if we supplied the parts, we could not charge The warranty company any more than if than if we didn't supply it. Therefore, we would just let purchasing send the parts from wherever they chose, without overnight shipping. We tried offering the service to customers of picking up the parts locally for extra $ but that is a no no and just made everyone angry. So, everyone just had to wait. There was little or no more money coming from the repair after the service fee is collected from the customer.

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Insufficient maintenance, rust, corrosion, or sediment;b.

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